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Cows & Whisky
1.Blues Reject3:56
2.Angel's Motel5:10
3.Smoke The Clouds5:04
5.Dark Beginning4:25
6.Cows And Whisky10:33
Auto-production - 2009

Trucks & Bones
1.She Made No Resist4:27
2.Wet Desert5:13
3.Crystal Tree3:29
4.Into My Eyes4:11
5.Churches Flames4:13
6.Taxidermic Sensation3:48
7.Fucking Holidays3:47
8.Black Jack5:21
9.Siren's Blast4:26
10.Drunk Peanut5:37
Prod : Jumping Jack / 2011

T-Shirt "Cows and Whisky"
by Jumping Jack - Black

Tailles / Sexe

T-Shirt "Trucks and Bones"
by Jumping Jack - Black

Tailles / Sexe

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